Triplet is an addictive new game in the spirit of puzzler classics like Bejeweled and Trism.  Like other “match 3” games, in Triplet you score by lining up three icons.  But in Triplet, huge combo bonuses come from strategically creating clusters of icons that you only trigger when everything is just right for scoring!  Oh yeah, and watch the rest of the pieces as well, since you still have to try to clear the board!
In Triplet, your bag of tricks includes unique two-stage moves and a few special actions:
•  Swap any two icons on the playing field.  It’s almost too convenient!  Too bad you only have three of these babies.
•  Morph icons.  Really need a certain piece in a certain spot?  Cross your fingers and hit the morph button...
•  Compact the playing field.  Pour the icons up, down, left, or right, all based on the tilt of your device.
Over here, the orange
spheres are set up and
almost ready to trigger....
...and a swap or two later,
we set off the whole group
for huge combo points!
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“Three is the minimum pieces of flair.  You don’t just want to do the minimum, do you?”
-- Not a quote from Office Space
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